Why JH Construction & Remodeling, LLC

Our History and Reputation:

For over 20-years, JH Construction and Remodeling, LLC, has transformed homes with the goal of complete client satisfaction. Our reputation is based on quality craftsmanship, clear communication, a reliable staff, and commitment to superior service. Most of our business is through referrals and we receive a high level of repeat business from satisfied customers. This has earned our business a Diamond Certified top rating.

Our Commitment to Service:

Our company works on projects of all sizes. Whether you want to restore an older home, build a new home, add a room or simply update your living space, we can help. Remodeling and renovations can be overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. From concept to completion, our team takes responsibility to create an exceptional client experience. We take great care to ensure that clear expectations are set and fulfilled, that we show up on time, perform quality work, take good care of the workspace, and maintain a positive attitude on every job.

Our Great Team:

Our team of professional craftsmen have the expertise to meet the most challenging building projects. We maintain a healthy and positive work environment with full attention to safety, cleanliness, and timeliness.


Owner Jim Humphrey collaborates with designers, architects, subcontractors and other experts to thoughtfully plan and organize every detail of the construction process. Clear communication with project managers allows for problems that may arise to be efficiently resolved. Jim has established a strong network of highly qualified designers, subcontractors, and suppliers so that every project is done right–with consideration to planning, materials, and detail.

Extensive Network of Subcontractors and Suppliers:

Over the years, we have cultivated great relationships with some of the best tradespeople, designers, and suppliers. This allows JH Construction to select and work with the best people for your project, whether its tile work, painting, cabinetry, HVAC, electrical, plumbing landscape or design.

Detailed Proposals:

You will know exactly what to expect from JH Construction and Remodeling including subcontracting expenses. If a project needs to be modified to accommodate budget constraints, our proposal will indicate where a material substitution or modification can be made so you can make an informed decision about your project before the work begins.

Memberships and Certifications:

Diamond Certified

JH Construction & Remodeling is proud to be a Diamond Certified Contractor in Santa Clara county. The Diamond Certified rigorous 12-step certification process is the most reliable anywhere. Companies must score Highest in Quality in customer satisfaction (a 90+ on a scale of 100) and pass all of the credential-based ratings to earn Diamond Certified. By requiring such a high score to qualify, mediocre and poorly performing companies are eliminated. Diamond Certified then conducts ongoing research and ratings to ensure all companies maintain their high performances.

NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry)

Not all remodelers are created equal: NARI remodelers are experienced, trusted, qualified, ethical and dependable business owners who will get your project done right-obtaining the proper permits, carrying the proper insurances, following the local codes and designing innovative solutions to renovate your home.

Build It Green

Build It Green is a membership-supported Bay Area nonprofit established in 2005. We believe that changing how homes are designed, built, and remodeled is essential to prevent climate change, minimize pollution, and protect natural resources for future generations. Build It Green’s mission is to promote healthy, energy, and resource-efficient building practices in California through outreach and education.

Lead-Safe Certified

JH Construction and Remodeling cares about the health and safety of our clients, our workers, and for the environment. We follow the industry best practices where lead and other hazardous materials are encountered on the job site.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is a word-of-mouth network, helping more than two million households find the best service companies and health care in their area. Only highly rated companies can offer services through Angie’s List.

What Clients Say

“Over the past 13 + years I have contracted with JH Construction several times for remodeling/construction and repair.

Jim was the general for a bathroom remodel at a vacation home in South Lake Tahoe. He performed and managed the entire process including all permitting, carpentry and finish work. His plumbing, electrical, and tile subcontractors were equally professional, courteous and clean in their work. The results far exceeded our expectations and the project was completed within our budget, and ahead of schedule.

When we were preparing to sell my father’s home we contacted JH regarding damaged door trim on two of the interior doors. We were prepared to replace all of the door trim in the house and had budgeted a few thousand dollars for the material and labor and planned on a 2-3 week timeframe. Jim came over and inspected the damage and we were pleased to hear that the damage could be repaired and that we did not need to replace all of the trim on the house. He went on to repair the trim and over the course of a few days made several brief visits to repair and then paint the affected areas.

There are several other projects I could comment on, but one is particularly telling of the customer service and broad skill-set the Jim provides. On a Sunday morning, we heard a water leak in an interior wall between our kitchen and laundry room. After investigating the source of the leak and its location it was clear that we needed help. I called JH Construction at around noon, and by 5pm that day Jim arrived and began repair. The work included cutting a hole in our floor (the leak was not accessible via our crawl space) and re-piping the leaking section and then closing up the hole and re-tacking out carpet. He was finished and cleaned out by 11 pm. This work was not a big project, and I suspect was not profitable, but that did not matter to Jim. We are his customers and he was more than willing to interrupt his weekend and make a special trip because it was an emergency.

~Angie’s List, Customer Review